the practice of using the Internet to make digital recordings of broadcasts available for downloading to a computer or mobile device.

Microphone Sound Editing



Where do I host a podcast?
What type of gear and software can I use?
How do I become a guest on a podcast?
How should I speak?

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music therapy

 Depending on the privacy guidelines of your facility and client consent, podcasting may be conducted in-house and only shared among residents or clients of an organization OR it may be released publicly on various web platforms. Podcasting affords opportunities for expression, agency, empowerment, and social interaction.
Podcasting can be used to promote awareness of our field to the broad public,  introducing our services to potential clients, collaborating with other disciplines. It can also be used to learn about current research and the work other music therapists are doing.

The Podcasting Cranny was compiled by Gabby Banzon, Grant Hales, Andrew Knight, Chris Millett, and Kate Shannon

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