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What are we?

The Tech Nook is a resource for music therapists and music therapy students to learn and grow their technology skills.

Creation and consumption of music has evolved greatly over the past few decades. A person can produce music from their home, instead of buying studio time. Another can find a song instantly on a streaming service, instead of having to wait for it to play on the radio again.  While technology was once reserved from programmers and producers, society now has the same access at their fingertips.


As (future) music therapists, we not only have the access to technology, but the opportunity to utilize it in and for music therapy. Ranging from video production to audio engineering to simply playing apps, experiences with technology can afford tremendous and innovative opportunities for greater engagement and connection than ever before. This website serves to teach not only how to use technology, but how it can afford meaningful experiences in clinical practice. As technology, approaches, and research evolve and adapt, so will this website.

Our views are our own and do not represent AMTA or CBMT.


How does it work?

In this large “nook,” we have quite a few “crannies.” Each cranny holds a different type or method of technology. In these crannies, we have free and paid options. The free options include basic text introductions to the technology you’re wanting to look into, as well as a few video tutorials from our collaborators and the technology mediums themselves. If you’d like to get more in-depth, you also have the option of taking lessons over Skype or Zoom with one of our collaborators or receiving a more in-depth tutorial video from them. Each collaborator is independent from the Tech Nook financially and is paid directly by you.


Learn more about our collaborators below!



is a music therapist and licensed creative arts therapist in the greater New York City area. Jesse received his Bachelors of Music in Music Therapy from Temple University and his Masters of Science in Music Therapy from Molloy College. Jesse has also completed post-graduate training in Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy, specializing in techniques and philosophies of clinical improvisation and music-centered approaches. Jesse has extensive experience engaging in music technology through years of playing and recording in bands, and since integrating these skills into clinical work through both long-term recording projects and live use of technology in musicing.

Focus: Live Sound - Hardware, Improvisation Approaches // Audio Engineering - GarageBand, Reaper // Apps - iPad 



has over a decade of music therapy experiences providing music therapy services in Atlanta, Ga. Joe is a percussionist at heart and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Percussion from South Carolina State University and also earned a Master of Music in Music Therapy from Illinois State University. Joe is the owner of BaileyBeatsMusic LLC, co-owner of PopUp Music Therapy and separately provides music therapy for adult mental health and developmental disabilities individuals at Georgia Regional Hospital/Atlanta, self-contained students with special needs in Fulton County Public Schools, and outpatient rehabilitation therapy at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Joe is a board certified music therapist, a licensed professional music therapist in the state of Georgia, he is also the Public Relations Coordinator of the Black Music Therapy Network, Inc.

Focus: DJ-ing // Audio Engineering // Live Technology



is a music therapist currently residing in Atlanta, GA and the Tech Nook's web developer! She received her Bachelors in Music Therapy with a minor in Music Technology from Georgia College & State University  and her Masters of Arts in Music Therapy from Texas Woman's University. Her clinical interests include songwriting, music production, mental health, personal development, community approaches, and theories/philosophies. Gabby recently released a book to help professionals and students develop therapeutic songwriting skills, entitled "Space: A Journal for (Future) Music Therapists to Explore and Express through Songwriting."  She also coordinates social media for various committees and co-hosts on the  Clinical BOPulations podcast.

Focus: Audio Engineering - Windows DAWs, Soundtrap // Video Production - Editing, Producing // Podcasting - Branding, Editing, Mixing // Content Creation - Branding, Graphics, Promotional Videos, Social Media



currently serves autistic individuals and adolescents with mental health diagnoses in the school setting, and I am transitioning soon into the role of clinic coordinator at the University of Louisville Music Therapy Clinic. I am a strong supporter of community music, songwriting, and music technology, and the facilitation of all of those using the best and most accessible tech we have. 

Focus: Audio Engineering - Home Recording // Live Technology - MIDI

Nicki Headshot.jpg


lives and practices in San Diego, CA as a full-spectrum music therapist servicing neurodivergent children and adolescents, teens in mental health, and older adults. Additionally, her experience includes hospice, and both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric settings. Nicki pursued her bachelor degrees in Music and Psychology at Elon University focusing on research methods, music theory and history, and music production. She went on to get her M.S. in Music Therapy at Molloy College culminating in her master's thesis: The Experience of Music Therapists in Delivering Telehealth During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Aside from tinkering with new gear and producing her own music under the artist name Uniqui, Nicki kicks back and often finds inspiration by being in nature. 

Focus: Audio Engineering - Protools, Bandlab, Garageband



is a board-certified music therapist working with individuals with disabilities across the lifespan in clinical, community, and school-based settings. He attended the University of Evansville for his undergraduate coursework and completed his internship at Denton Independent School District in Denton, TX. He is now pursuing his Masters. Grant’s interests include community music therapy, music and technology, accessibility, and the development of musical identity.

Focus: Podcasting - Recording, Editing, Mixing // Mobile Applications - Accessibility // Content Creation - Social Media



is a board-certified music therapist in Denver, Colorado and owner of her private practice, Rhythmic Roots Music Services, LLC. Bonnie serves people in the Denver community, including individuals with disabilities of all ages, through music therapy, adapted lessons, and music groups and believes music is accessible to all. In her free time, Bonnie enjoys hiking, baking, drumming, and hanging out with her cat.

Focus: Content Creation - Business Marketing // Telehealth



is associate professor of music therapy at Colorado State University with clinical expertise in early childhood, mental health, and Parkinson’s Disease. He holds a bachelor's degree in percussion performance, with a jazz emphasis, from UW-La Crosse, a music therapy equivalency and master's degree from the University of Minnesota, and a Ph.D. in educational foundations and research from the University of North Dakota (UND). He has written on technology in music therapy in Music Therapy Perspectives and is on the editorial board for Journal of Music Therapy.

Focus: Audio Engineering - GarageBand, Live Sound Mixing // Podcasting - Set-up & Equipment 



has been a music therapist at the Elizabeth Seton Children’s Center in Yonkers, NY for over ten years. His experience is around adapting instruments or electronics to be accessible by the children at the center. He received his BM in Music Composition from Ithaca College and his Masters of Music in Music Therapy from Florida State University He also has made many music videos or videos with creative effects (e.g. green screen).

Focus:  Video Production  - Filming, Editing Producing // Live Sound - Toy Hacking, Computer Programming, Collaboration with Programmers & Engineers



is Assistant Professor of Music Therapy at Slippery Rock University, specializing in the intervention of music technology in clinical practice. He is currently working on his PhD at Temple University. With a passion for using technology as an adaptive instrument, Vern has researched, written, and presented on various topics related to music technology in music therapy.  Through his work, he aims to help individuals discover new possibilities in music technology and help them incorporate these innovations into their clinical work. 

Focus: Recording, editing, mixing, MIDI controllers, alternative MIDI and OSC controllers, Audio Engineering, and Live Sound



is a music therapist currently residing outside Louisville, KY. Practicing from an eclectic model, Chris serves a variety of populations and trains budding music therapists as the coordinator of a university-based music therapy clinic. He is also is the host of the Make More Music podcast with the mission of connecting people to music and one another. He holds advanced trainings, has a wide variety of clinical experience, has presented at national conferences on various music therapy topics, and is published in the Journal of Music Therapy and other music therapy publications. He is excited to extend his love for music, guitar, music gear, and podcasting to the Tech Nook community.

Focus: Podcasting - Branding, Editing, Mixing//  Live Sound - Effects Pedals & Sound Processors // Audio Engineering - Recording, Sound Design

IMG_7627 (1).jpeg


is a Music Therapist and Sonic Artist currently residing in the Triad of North Carolina. Christian received his bachelors of Music Therapy from Shenandoah University in 2019. A trained guitarist, Christian is also the owner and founder of Bringing Expressive Arts Therapies Together, or B.E.A.T.T. Space. In his practice, Christian utilizes sample based and electronic instrumentation to make music making accessible to all. As a Sonic Artist Christian preforms on stage as TheGentlemanBoss, hitting stages such as the North Carolina Folk Festival, in 2022. The GentlemanBoss can be found on Bandcamp and other major streaming services.

Focus: Audio Engineering // Mobile Applications



has been a board certified music therapist since 2010 (BM from Appalachian State University). He specializes in treating adults in oncology and individuals of all ages with mental health issues (specifically those with eating disorders and/or personality disorders). Dean is the music therapist and internship director for Levine Cancer Institute in Charlotte, NC. Using clinical music therapy interventions in conjunction with deeply rooted existential beliefs and music-based treatment philosophies, Dean utilizes music to assist individuals in living a life empowered by music – those being treated, students, or otherwise. He is interested in creating high quality live soundscapes with various DAWs and VSTs for use in music therapy treatment settings as well as for composition. He also has a desire for helping other music therapists in maximizing clinical efficiency and creativity in telehealth settings utilizing various broadcasting and conferencing software.

Focus: Audio Engineering // Live Technology // Telehealth



is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, Board Certified Music Therapist, and is about to sit for her exam to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. She's spent her career supporting children with life-limiting medical diagnoses, mental health needs, and developmental differences through creative expression. Kate is passionate about the intersections between the creative arts modalities and helping therapists build creative resiliency in children. Besides creating music, she loves to design engaging and interactive visuals, create websites, knit, podcast, and play with her dog.

Focus: Content Creation - Website Development, Graphics, Social Media, Animated Visuals, Presentation Design // Podcasting - Branding, Outreach, Ethics



 is currently a Lecturer of Music Therapy at Georgia College. Robert received a Bachelor of Science in Music from Florida Southern College and both a Master of Music Therapy as well as a Doctor of Philosophy in Music Education with an emphasis in Music Therapy from Florida State University. He is NICU-MT certified and has been a member of AMTA since 2013, with whom he presented at National Conference, discussing topics such as using music therapy to address court competency restoration and digital/audio recording techniques for music therapists. 

Focus: Audio Engineering // Live Technology



Bernie & Natasha are the married musical duo behind "BT Playgrounds," a platform providing downloadable templates and learning opportunities for music therapists and professional musicians alike to utilize Ableton in a "playground" style for clinical and general creative use. Bernie has been playing around with Beatmaking since the early 2000s, and is proficient in Ableton and FL Studio, as well as a variety of studio environment software and hardware. Natasha is a Board Certified Music Therapist who prioritizes participatory led experiences in her sessions. BT Playgrounds began when Natasha started wanting to use more Music Technology because her session participants were requesting them, and found that Bernie’s Ableton knowledge saved her TONS of time in session prep, while Bernie found he enjoyed designing musical playgrounds that were yielding meaningful experiences for people who really needed them.

Focus: Audio Engineering - Ableton, Ableton Push



is an Assistant Professor of Music Therapy at Montclair State University, and a Fellow in the Association of Music and Imagery. He has published and presented internationally on a wide range of topics such as Hip Hop and music therapy, arts-based research methodologies, therapeutic songwriting and adverse childhood experiences, and music therapy and adolescent development. As a music therapy clinician, he has worked extensively with children and adolescents who have experienced childhood adversity and trauma. He serves on the editorial board for the Journal of Music Therapy, Music Therapy Perspectives, and Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy.

Focus: DJ-ing // Live Technology // Suggested Materials - History, Research Literature // Supervision


recently completed her PhD at the University of Minnesota and is excited for her first year as a music therapy professor at Texas Woman's University. She is celebrating her 13th year as a music therapist and has worked with a wide range of individuals including children, adolescents, adults, and older adults. Rebecca has also served as an internship director and supervisor and is the co-author of three publications.

Focus: Live  - Lighting, Staging // Ethics & Technology // Suggested Materials - History, Research Literature

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